Teleport public APIs

Why do I need this?

If you’re presenting information about various cities on your site, then you can take advantage of the Teleport API. Doesn’t matter if you’re running a job search site in many cities or just want to help your city stand out on its own.

Basically anything you can see on our Teleport Cities Pages (even the photo) we can make available. If you don’t see it in our API yet, ask us at

  • Ever needed to make sure your users provide an existing real city as an input to their location field? City Name Search
  • Ever wanted to know what country or time zone a city is in? Basic City Info
  • Ever wanted to present Quality of Life data (Education level, Environmental Quality, Internet Connectivity etc.) for an Urban Area? Life Quality Data for Cities
  • Ever wanted to use photos of cities without the pain of building your own collection and figuring out all the rights to the images? City Photos
  • Ever wanted to find cities close to user based on geo coordinates? Nearest City Search

Our APIs let you find and get information about:

  • cities (by name, using auto-complete or by geographic coordinates)
  • countries and their administrative divisions
  • timezones
  • urban areas (a.k.a. Teleport Cities) - our income, living costs & quality of life data in 264+ most creative cities in the world

For a quick guide to getting started with the Teleport API, please see our Getting Started guide.

For detailed information about the API resources, please try the APIs out at the API Explorer.

We're just getting started and are eager to learn what kind of quality of life data do you most want access to. Let us know what you want to build and how we can help at:

Data Sources

This set of APIs was built using data from the following sources:


Current Version

The current API version is v1. We reserve the right to change the APIs. If you wish to make sure that your application does not break when we introduce a new version, please include the following HTTP header in your API requests.

Accept: application/vnd.teleport.v1+json

Rate Limiting

There is currently no hard limit on the rate of requests issued against our APIs, but we ask that you contact us before starting to send thousands of requests per day.

Cross Origin Resource Sharing

The API supports Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for AJAX requests from any origin.