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Welcome to Teleport for Developers!

We're building the largest and most up-to-date quality of life database for Planet Earth using 300+ different data dimensions from 70+ different sources, all updated periodically. Our global sources include the World Bank, World Health Organization, United Nations, Reporters Without Borders, OpenStreetMap, GeoNames, OpenFlights, Heritage Foundation, AngelList, Airbnb, Seed-DB and others. On top of these we augment the sets with things like laws and regulations, real estate prices and recruitment market data from local sources from countries around the world.

We would love to see what you guys can build on top of that data! We're starting off with providing easy access to Teleport City Scores (the highest level of abstraction for our collected data) and will continue to open up access to lower layers as we go along.

The fastest way to get going is to use our City Widgets but if you would like to build a custom integration, don't hesitate to drop us a line at


Are you talking about cities and quality of life on your website? It only takes 10 seconds to generate the code that you need to integrate our Teleport City Scores on your site!

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Custom Integrations

We’re open to discussing custom integrations as well. Check out what our partners at Human or WorkinEstonia on the government side to see what can be done. Feel free to reach out to us with your ideas!


Our APIs let you find and get information about:

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We're just getting started and are eager to learn what kind of quality of life data do you most want access to. Let us know what you want to build and how we can help at: